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Satellite Internet

Service and Equipment

No matter what satellite internet needs you have or where in the world you are located, we can offer a customized solution to fit your unique network. Whether you require satellite internet service, satellite space segment or VSAT Equipment; we can offer a single component to the complete solution from vision to delivered services. Just as important as quality service and equipment, Constellation Networks support you at all levels.

Our broad range of satellite internet options offer solutions for your daily operations, Business Continuation, Maritime, Distance Learning, GSM Cellular Backhaul, or Disaster Recovery requirements. From shared satellite internet service, dedicated internet satellite, point to multipoint, MESH, private network, co-location, network management or hub ownership, we're here to help match the best solution for your business communication needs.

For many, satellite is a new topic. There are a lot of satellite internet providers to chose from and each offering different equipment and service levels. It’s easy to get lost in all the new information, much less compare and finally have the appropriate expectations of the satellite internet service that you have chosen. Our approach to this is simple, education. An educated buyer doesn’t regret decisions because they made a choice, not a pressured buy. Because some VSAT equipment is proprietary and the need for satellite internet service is because of a lacking infrastructure, you only want to buy a VSAT once.

Satellite internet isn’t like other internet options. It is unique for many reasons, mostly obviously because it lacks fiber infrastructure. Simply put this means that internet by satellite will work anywhere. The reality is that unlike DSL, cable and dial up internet service options which require similar equipment and fiber connectivity, satellite internet requires a more complex engineered equipment setup, a knowledgeable staff and quality service and support.

Let’s face it, each PC user is diverse, so each internet connection must be designed for the unique network of users it supports. In order to provide the best possible level of service, Constellation Networks designs solutions to fit each service request. We further optimize our satellite internet services by offering individual Quality of Service, QoS. This offers the ability to prioritize traffic type or IP address to ensure real time applications such as voice and video. This requires a better understanding of the users and the network that needs satellite internet.

Some networks share common details such as location or equipment but each network itself is specific to that individual mix of users and the available programs and appliances. This means that satellite internet requirements can also change by the minute forcing the need for a flexible platform. Exact usage is impossible to estimate because it changes minute by minute with each user. With ease of scalability and the ability to view the actual usage, it takes the guesswork out of how to fix and congestion issues.

Constellation Networks specializes in providing the highest quality business grade satellite internet service options available. Let us build a customized satellite internet solution for you!
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